Why Do Hives Happen?

Hives can develop due to a number of different reasons. Cholinergic urticaria, for example happens due to an increase in the body’s core temperature due to an activity like exercise. Another cause is bee stings. There are a lot of people who have hives as an allergic reaction to bee stings. This can cause a serious condition if the person has difficulty breathing. Irritants like chemicals that come into contact with the skin can cause a case of localized hives. This means the hives develop on the area of the skin that came into contact with the irritant.

How To Get Over My Phobia

If you have decided that it’s time to seek treatment because you have said to yourself ‘I have this phobia‘ we have some simple solutions for you. Break your fears into different levels. Start with the smallest thing that scares you about your phobia. Then progress to more intense things that scare you. By following these levels of fears you can eventually desensitize yourself from your fears and live a more relaxing lifestyle.

The Symptoms Of Gamophobia

Gamophobia, the irrational fear of marriage, comes along with a lot of different symptoms. The first and most prominent is avoiding romantic relationships in general. These people will shy away from those who take interest in them for fear they eventually may want to tie the knot.

When a sufferer is faced with a proposal or the thought of getting married they typically experience immense anxiety and physical reactions. These physical reactions include hyperventilation, difficulty forming words, excessive sweating, and an impeding sense of doom, terror, and panic.

What Goes On During A Nighttime Panic Attack?

If you have never experienced a nocturnal panic attack, but know somebody that has it’s likely that you would like to learn more about what happens during them. This can help you explain how to control your friend’s emotions and walk them through their panicked state.

When a person falls into a deep sleep their breathing and heart beat begins to slow down. The brain is still on high alter for any changes in your body that could be considered dangerous. In some patients, their brain automatically associates these slowing down rates with a problem. This can trigger a sudden high state of anxiety. The sufferer’s heart will star to pound and they will jump up out of bed in a complete state of panic.

What Research Is Going On For Fibrositis?

Because fibrositis or fibromyalgia is a fairly new condition, there is a lot going on in the medical research world. Researchers are trying to discover the cause of this condition so that they can craft a treatment for individual sufferers. Everyday there are tons of sponsors funding researching of the best ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent this particular syndrome.

It’s been widely thought that fibrositis is a mutation in the way the body processes pain. This is more precisely known as a hypersensitivity to stimuli that is not normally painful for healthy individuals without this chronic condition. Many institutes have geared their studies towards focusing on how the brain processes pain to better understand why some people with fibrositis have developed this increased sensitivity to it.

Studying ways of reducing symptoms is another area that researchers have dived into. The specific areas are increasing exercise and improving sleep. These are been widely proven to help ease the chronic pain that sufferers experience due to their medical condition. More and more research is being done to better understand why these treatments work and how to improve them to make them more effective for every sufferer.

Can I Get Hives From My Friend?

One of the most common questions that we get asked “is urticaria an infectious disease”? The truth is no it’s not. Urticaria or Hives is a skin condition that develops in both men and women of all ages. There is no virus to pass on to another person. This is simply an allergic reaction that your body has when it’s exposed to certain stimuli.

For each person their stimuli is different. Some people may be allergic to nuts while others may be allergic to sulfa drugs. It’s even possible for people to be allergic to extreme colds and hot spells. Others are allergic to pressure applied to the surface of the skin, which is referred to as Dermatographic Hives.

When the body is exposed to its allergic trigger it will release histamines into the bloodstream. This is how your body works to ward off unwanted foreign substances. The problem is that these stimuli are located outside of the body. So there is no substances for the histamines to kill. This causes the common problem of swelling, inflammation, and well-seen welts on the surface of the skin.

Urticaria comes in many different forms. Treatment is available via over the counter sprays, such as Oxyhives, or prescription medication from your doctor. For typical hives it only last about an hour before the swelling goes away. If you condition starts to last longer than a few hours it’s likely you have a condition called chronic urticaria. This can be better treated by your doctor. If this is the case with your infection we highly recommend making an appointment with a specialist.